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Comets and large objects hit at equator

Earth and all planets have the impact of large objects at the equator is more than coincidence.
The reason is that Earth and other planets are like big magnets. They leave a trail
that large objects align to and when they get so close the alignment becomes a trap.
They follow exact to equator region. The reasons that this happens are extending magnetic force
, like a trail or tail. I would say that earths path also creates a side vortex along it's path that makes
big objects follow into earths or other planets directly.
for information that would explain magnetism and planets go to joeseph newmans site about a new energy machine.

When the leonids hit it was at the equator , when the asteroid that destroyed
the dinosaurs hit it was at the equator. NO COINCIDENCE
CIBC is a bank in canada. They are the bank I have been with for most of my life.
I applied for a credit card with them and was rejected, denied credit.
I applied for a loan but was refused the application.
When I go to cash a cheque they tell me there's a hold because they did a credit check on me.
This isn't funny. They controlled my debt and sent it to collections.
Any money in my bank account was taken by collections in an offset. I was left with 50 cents or less often
They are still demanding payment for a debt that is causing me to have bad credit.
Imagine yourself with only one life to live and credit destroyed in a world where
having a place to live means a credit check. You want to start a business or buy
a car or motorcycle to get to work requires a credit check. Now pay your debt and expect
your credit to improve , not likely if cibc decides to send your debt that doesn't exist
to collections specifically to ruin you financially.
If cibc wants to ruin anyone whenever they want they can and have proven that they will.
I was called by their representative and told , he remembered talking with me last year.
That was a total lie. It was 2 years and some months. Since that time the total
debt was collected. The collections company that got the debt sent a paid in full
letter. Then a year later a company calls saying I owe on the exact same debt.
An eye for an eye. They deserve exactly what they did to me.

More validation from science I recently read an article which looked at past SOHO sattelite pictures.
The writer has noted that the sun has"it has a hard and rigid ferrite surface below the photosphere "
He's talking about iron and hard surface as I have written in the past.
I wrote that the sun formed the planets from it's surface.
It's just more validation.

I have failed.
You will not find me at
the old store location.
I guess the local people don't want the Revolution
I was bringing in it next.
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to be continued.....