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   This is like ogre name, caveman even more like a sound than a word.

 Picture yourself walking through a forest. You look up and see a large cat laying on a branch with his paw hanging down.  You see his face and he growls GRRRR and as he growls thunders in the clouds rumbles.

That's how it's pronounced don't wear it out.

  If I totally identify as hard-worker too many try to outdo me all the time.

I'm just one of you not the only one.


  I play rockband 3 pro guitar sometimes. You can find me at

At one time a while back I was 119 at pro guitar playstation 3.  Now I'm just average at 149 or so.

Another place to know how I'm doing is


I used to play some poker and you can see some of my stats at  It's a long link. Check your own stats if you have a pokername