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Who am I. I am a Canadian Man.
I was born in 1962. I was removed from my family and the reserve and most records of my
early days are near impossible to find. I spent a while in the care of
the protestant boys home. I thank them for caring for me.
At about 5 years old I was adopted by the McKenna family.
My adopted father was good , strong and a man to be like.
He died a month after I turned 11. I have had no male role models
in my life since that date. This is good since I would rather be
like him than anyone else.
I went to work at 12 for a bowling alley.
I did the duties of mechanics helper.
I was fired 2 years later when a new owner took over.
I worked for K-Mart for 2 years pushing a broom.
I also went to school during these years.
I then worked for sears.
I quit school at a young age. I went to work for grafton fraser on younge street at queen.
This was when Darr Robinson lept from the C.N tower with a piano wire
on his back(amazing).
I then worked for miss anne lord at DROL systems as a junior computer programmer
During all these year my Aunt mary docherty helped me greatly.
She has helped in so many ways and I thank her for this.

I have worked at many positions

machine operator
general labor
construction helper
core driller
spot welder
shear operator
delivery driver
general warehouse
fuel station
labor temp
sales guitar store
aircraft fueler
overhead crane operator
currently I drive trucks, across Canada and the United States of America.
After 30 years of working I have nothing to speak of for assets.
I am broke all this time.
Still I live to have a proper meaning reflective of what is a hard-worker.
This has been a burden. It can be looked up in a dictionary and the meaning
points to slavery. I often work with men who's ancestors may have been slaves.
All I can do is the best I can and hope for change.
My employers benefitted from my being there and I got chump change.

In early 2005 I had to move in with my sister and her family.
I am broke and collections is on my back daily.
I hold out hope for better days.

The easiest way to see what I'm doing now is to go to
Life seasons death on myspace